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We are pleased to offer workers’ compensation coverage through Midwestern Insurance Alliance.

The transportation industry is unique and requires an insurance provider who understands the industry and the challenges presented by an almost exclusively mobile workforce – Midwestern Insurance Alliance is that provider. Midwestern Insurance Alliance is a national workers’ compensation program administrator whose primary niche market is the trucking industry, to include local and long-haul trucking, linehaul operations, parcel delivery, and fuel haulers. Like TST, Midwestern Insurance Alliance is deeply entrenched in the transportation industry and has made it their business to help transportation clients effectively manage their workers’ compensation exposures.

The benefits of our strategic partnership with Midwestern Insurance Alliance doesn’t end there. They have an easy to use online billing system (to include a monthly reporting option), a rich library of trucking industry safety resources, and for fleets that are partially staffed with independent contractor drivers, Midwestern Insurance Alliance has the ability to include employee drivers on a workers’ compensation policy, and the owner-operators on an occupational accident and contingent liability policy with the same insurance company.

If you are appointed with Midwestern, send submissions to If you have questions or if you are not appointed but interested, please contact us and a member of the Midwestern marketing team will contact you shortly.